Preparing to implant a device in the human brain for computer communication

Canada Global (Web News) Tech billionaire Elon Musk has said that

Our company will produce such a device within 6 months

By which the link with the computer will be possible, through the mentioned device (interface).

Musk users will be able to communicate directly with computers through their thoughts

He said that we are working in a very cautious manner and we are confident

that in six months they will get the first Neuralink device implanted in humans

will work well before He said that in the beginning

The person will be able to exercise his muscles

Not able to drive.

Musk bought Twitter last month

And also owns SpaceX, Tesla and many other companies –

Many of which do not become reality. In July 2019

He pledged that Neuralink would be able to conduct its first tests on humans in 2020.

The prototypes, which are about the size of a coin, are implanted in the skulls of monkeys.


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