Peshawar IBO, four terrorists were killed

Canada Global (Web News) In an intelligence-based operation carried out in the Sarband area of Khyber district on Saturday, the Counter-Terrorism Department (CTD) Peshawar region and security forces killed four terrorists.

According to the information gathered, security personnel carried out an operation in the Khyber district’s Sarband sector. The attackers began fire on the security troops without discrimination as soon as they saw them. The gunfight between the authorities and the terrorists lasted a very long period.

After the gunfire stopped, a search and clearance operation was conducted in the area. Four terrorists’ bodies were found there, while several of their collaborators managed to flee by using the cover of night.

CTD has multiple incidents where it wanted the terrorists who were killed. The possession of terrorists was also searched for weapons and ammo. The murdered terrorists belonged to a group that was outlawed.

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