Afghanistan blast leaves at least 16 dead and 24 injured, according to local media

Canada Global (Web News) A doctor at a nearby hospital reported that an explosion at a madrassa in the northern Afghan city of Aybak on Wednesday resulted in at least 16 fatalities and 24 injuries.

Since the Taliban regained control in August of last year, there have been numerous explosions and attacks that targeted civilians, with the local Daesh branch claiming responsibility for the majority of them.

The victims were largely children, according to a doctor in Aybak, which is roughly 200 kilometres (130 miles) north of the capital Kabul.

Ten students had killed, according to the Taliban, which regularly exaggerates death numbers, and “many others” had been hurt.

According to a tweet from Interior Ministry spokesman Abdul Nafay Takor, “Our detective and security forces are working swiftly to find the culprits of this terrible crime and punish them for their misdeeds.”

Taliban gunmen were seen making their way through bodies scattered across a building’s floor in images and videos that were circulating on social media but could not immediately be verified.

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