Meghan Markle should get ‘Oscar’ for making money by ‘trashing’ royals

Canada Global (Web News) A journalist believes Meghan Markle should be recognised for her narcissism.

Sophie Elsworth, writing for Politico, called the Duchess of Sussex a “shocker” following her Netflix docuseries.

Elsworth started by saying, “She should be considered for a female Oscar for her narcissism; she is a stunner.

“That series she put out with Harry was shocking, it was a pile-on on the Royal family. This woman makes a living by disparaging the Royal Family.”

In a couple of weeks, Harry’s book Spare will be released, she continued. There was a podcast, a TV show, and now there is a book.

“People are becoming tired of hearing about their woes while they live in their opulent mansions abroad, “she noticed.

This comes after Harry & Meghan maintained their top spot on UK Netflix.

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