Marriyum supports ECP’s decision for postponing elections

Canada Global (Web News) The decision of the Electoral Commission of Pakistan (ECP) to postpone the election is in the best interests of the nation, according to Information Minister Marriyum Aurangzeb, taking into consideration the economic, political, and security scenario.

On Thursday, the minister released a statement regarding the ECP’s choice to delay the Punjab elections scheduled for April 30 to October 8.

According to Marriyum, the ECP is required under Article 218 of the Constitution to ensure free, impartial, and transparent elections. When elections are taking place, caretaker setups are mandated under Article 224 in both the centre and the provinces. She predicted that two provinces would have functioning governments by the time the National Assembly elections were held.

In that case, she asserted, elections held in two provinces would be contentious. She added that the move will ensure political stability in the nation and that the ECP had consulted all relevant parties before deciding to postpone elections.

She believes that the ECP has prevented the nation from experiencing a constitutional crisis.

According to Marriyum Aurangzeb, the nation was conducting a population census. Elections cannot be held before the census is complete, she continued.

She asserted that two provinces cannot be forced to have elections at the whim of a single guy. She came to the conclusion that the will of one man could not dominate the constitution.

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