Man finds more than two kg of gold with regular metal detector in Australia

Canada Global (Web News) A man in Australia has found a rock containing two hundred and forty thousand. Australian dollars’ worth of gold with the help of an ordinary metal detector.

The man, who does not want to be named, found the stones in the goldfields of Victoria. This is the area that has been the center of gold exploration in the 19th century.

Darren Kemp, the expert who appraised and then bought the stone, says he has never seen such a find in his 43-year career.

He said, ‘I was surprised to see him. Such a thing comes once in a lifetime.

According to Darren Kemp, people usually come to him with metals that look like gold, but when the man arrived at his shop with a large bag, he had no idea that such a thing could be found in it.

He took out a stone from the bag and handed it to me and said, “Do you think it could contain ten thousand dollars’ worth of gold?” I looked at him and said talk about a hundred thousand dollars.’

According to Darren, the man then told him that he had another such stone. The weight of the stones in the man’s possession was 4 kg 600 grams and 83 ounces or 2 kg 600 grams of gold were extracted from it.

Darren Kemp says that when he bought the stone from the man, he said, ‘Oh wow, my wife will be so happy

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