Landslides in Colombia kill 3 people, 20 are trapped

Canada Global (Web News) Three people were killed and 20 trapped in the mud due to landslides in Colombia.

Crews were searching for people on a bus and a motorcycle that crashed in remote areas of the municipality of Pueblo Rico in northwestern Colombia.
President Gustavo Pietro wrote on Twitter that nine were rescued, three dead and an estimated 20 people still trapped.

Civil defense officials said that one of the dead was a girl aged around seven.
A survivor said the bus driver managed to escape the worst of the landslide.

The bus driver was backing up when it all went down

Civil defense officials said the bus had left the city of Cali with 25 passengers.

The rainy season, which began in August, is Colombia’s worst in 40 years, with several accidents that have killed more than 270 people, according to the government.

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