Kyiv warns of long cuts after Russian missiles batter grid

Canada Global (Web News) During claims of “war crimes” against Russia following its most recent wave of strikes on the power grid, Ukraine was working on restoring energy to hospitals, heating systems, and other essential infrastructure in key cities on Saturday.

The barrage of missiles fired on Friday forced residents of several cities to endure subfreezing conditions while cutting off water and heat.

People in winter jackets packed into subterranean metro stations in the capital after air raid sirens went off in the morning, when the mayor said that only a third of households had access to heat or water.

Lada Korovai, a 25-year-old resident of Kyiv, said, “I woke up, and I saw a rocket in the sky.” “I saw that and realised I needed to use the tube.”

The national energy company of Ukraine declared emergency blackouts, claiming that attacks on “backbone networks and generation facilities” had reduced the system’s capacity by more than half.

Ukrenergo cautioned that the amount of the damage in the country’s north, south, and centre meant it might take longer than it did after past attacks to restore supplies.

Hospitals, water supply facilities, heat supply facilities, and sewage treatment plants would receive priority, according to a statement released by Ukrenergo on Friday.

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