Islamabad High Court suspended Imran khan’s arrest warrant

Canada Global (Web News) The Islamabad High Court, while pronouncing a reserved judgment on the request to cancel the warrant of Imran Khan in the Tosha Khana criminal case, also ordered him to appear in the session court on March 13 If they do not appear, the court should take action according to the law.

On the other hand, Additional Sessions Judge Zafar Iqbal of the District and Sessions Court of Islamabad ordered Imran Khan to appear in court on March 13. It is directed to be

The order of non-bailable arrest warrant of former Prime Minister Imran Khan was challenged in the Islamabad High Court, which was heard.

In the Islamabad High Court, Imran Khan filed a petition through lawyer Ali Bukhari challenging the order of Additional Sessions Judge Zafar Iqbal.

During the hearing, Imran Khan’s counsel told the court that the private complaint was filed on November 2022 and a notice was issued on December 15 and appeared in the High Court, issued non-bailable warrants after which the cancellation petition was also dismissed.

Chief Justice Amir Farooq remarked that there are no arrest warrants. Chief Justice smilingly remarked that he should not talk like that, these warrants were to ensure his appearance.

Lawyer Imran Khan said that now we have to file two applications related to admission. The Chief Justice remarked that the court is only asking for the frame of charge, the court ordered to ensure the presence of Imran Khan but he did not appear.

Khan’s lawyer said those who are standing with warrants want to be arrested and two cases were registered on this basis. The Chief Justice remarked that those cases were registered for some other reason, you had to appear under this order, now tell me when to appear?

Currently four cases registered against Imran Khan, the court inquired when will you appear in the trial court for the charge frame? Now the court is not giving any order to stop the trial court from proceeding, you can take as many exemptions as you want after the charge sheet is framed and you have to appear in the high court on March 9.

Lawyer Barrister Gohar said that Imran Khan also has security concerns. The Chief Justice remarked that when will Imran Khan appear in the trial court? Give instructions to the court.

The court remarked that we are receiving daily threats, should I close this court? IG came to me that there are security threats to the judges, I am sharing the letters of security threats with you

Application text

In the petition, the court was requested to cancel the non-bailable warrant of Imran Khan and hear the case today. It was pleaded that the order to issue non-bailable warrant is illegal and hence Imran Khan’s warrant should be cancelled.

It should be noted that the arrest warrant of Imran Khan has been issued in the Tosha Khana criminal case. Imran Khan had approached the District Court to cancel the arrest warrant.

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