Iran reveals an underground air force base, IRNA says

Canada Global (Web News) According to the official IRNA news agency, Iran on Tuesday unveiled “Eagle 44,” the country’s first fighter jet-sized underground air force facility.

The “Eagle 44” base has the ability to hold and manage combat jets and drones, according to IRNA. The location of the base wasn’t covered in great depth in the report.

According to IRNA, it is one of the most significant air force bases in the nation and was constructed deep below to house aircraft armed with long-range cruise missiles.

Iran’s army disclosed information on a second underground base that housed drones in May in an effort to protect its military assets from potential Israeli raids.

According to Iran’s chief of staff of the armed forces, Mohammad Bagheri, “Any attack on Iran from our enemies, especially Israel, will witness a reaction from our multiple air force facilities, including Eagle 44.”

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