International Day of Disabled is being celebrated across the world including Pakistan today

Canada Global(Web News)  International Day of Persons with Disabilities is being celebrated today across the world including Pakistan.

The purpose of commemorating this day is to raise awareness among the people about the problems, equal rights, welfare and respect of disabled people, such people are also useful members of the society.

The United Nations General Assembly declared 1981 as the International Year of Persons with Disabilities, and every year December 3rd is celebrated as the International Day for the Promotion of Persons with Disabilities.

According to experts, the causes of mental retardation in children range from simple reasons like neglecting basic hygiene rules during birth to complex reasons like genetics and genes. Special needs remain.

This situation is no less than a tough test for the parents of special children, but their morale is high, they say that they need to give their full attention to save the children from feeling inferior.

There are people all over the world, including Pakistan, who did not let any of their shortcomings get in the way and faced the situation with courage and courage.

If people with disabilities are trusted in their abilities and provided with better opportunities, these people can also become an active part of society. happening


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