Imran Khan’s nikkah to Bushra Bibi was made twice

Canada Global (Web News) PTI leader Imran Khan’s nikkah ceremony was observed twice, according to core committee member and nikkah-khawan Mufti Saeed Khan.

Speaking to a private TV station, he claimed that Mr. Khan’s first nikkah contract with Bushra Bibi violated Shariah because she was observing iddah, which is a period of four months and ten days during which a Muslim woman must wait before getting remarried after her marriage is dissolved by divorce, khula, or the death of her husband. Because I was unaware of the circumstances at the time, he continued, “I deemed it unlawful and repeated the Nikkah ceremony.”

After Ms Bibi took khula from her prior husband Khawar Manika, Mr. Khan had previously wedded her.

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