Imran Khan says ‘they inject to cause slow death’

Canada Global (Web News) Imran Khan, a former prime minister, claimed on Tuesday that “they inject something that causes slow death to a person injected”.

Mr. Khan came before the court in the Police Lines, which was designated as the location of the court on a single occasion. In the Al-Qadir Trust case, the judge ordered an eight-day physical remand. When he arrived at the NAB office, Imran Khan claimed during the hearing that he was shown warrants.

What kind of record did the NAB seek, the former PM questioned. He said that the cabinet had given its assent for the release of all the disputed funds.

The PTI leader added that he has already spent Rs. 100 million on legal processes. Mr. Khan further claimed that while on the court grounds, he was harassed, arrested, and had his spectacles damaged.

He stated that he had been unable to use the washroom for last 24 hours. He also claimed the right to see his doctor, Dr. Faisal.

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