I Am A Politician, I Can Be The Next Prime Minister, Asif Radari

 Canada Global(Web News)Former President Asif Zardari says that if the People’s Party wins the next election, Bilawal can also become the Prime Minister and he himself can also become the Prime Minister. The former President said that I am a political scientist.

While giving an interview to private TV, Asif Zardari said that even if the election is not held on February 8, it does not matter, the date of the election is the authority of the Election Commission. The election will be held today or tomorrow
. That the imprisoned Ladla was launched 30 years ago.

Asif Zardari said that Afghans are our neighbors, Imran Khan has registered the votes of Afghans, that’s why he talks more about Afghans, that’s why he says Lashkar Jhangvi offices should be opened, this person has created fake lists. In which Afghans have been declared Pakistani citizens, I think the Election Commission is doing something about this issue.
He said that did Nawaz Sharif ever say that he will become the prime minister for the fourth time, I made Shahbaz Sharif the prime minister, I completed the numbers, I can be the hopeful of the prime minister, Bilawal can also be, Khurshid Shah can also be. It is said that he will be the candidate for the Prime Minister.

He said that if Imran Khan had not been removed, he would have sold Pakistan, the country would have defaulted, sometimes the puppet does not know what his handler is doing to him
. In the days of no-confidence, the PPP was offered a half-term government, with foreign-funded bloggers talking about the PTI winning the next election with a two-thirds majority. Ja
Asif Zardari clearly said that Latif Khosa is not in his party, Aitzaz Ahsan has been a neighbor of Ladley, his political thinking is different from PPP, people come and go in every party.

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