FIFA World Cup, England reached the quarter-finals

Canada Global (Web News) FIFA World Cup 2022 in pre-quarter final stage
England defeated Senegal by 3 goals to 1.

In the pre-quarter final stage played at the Ablett Stadium in the Qatari capital, Doha

England beat Senegal to reach the quarter-final stage.

England put mental pressure on the opponent from the beginning of the match.
England’s Jordan scored a goal in the 38th minute against Senegal.
The first goal came when Henry Kane put the ball into the net in the 45th minute.
The throw cemented England’s lead with the team’s second goal
During the 90-minute match, Senegal repeatedly tried to throw the ball into the net.

However, the opposing team played skillfully and prevented the ball from going into the net.

England’s Saka secured the team’s victory by scoring the third goal in the 58th minute
After which the team maintained the lead till the end of the match.

England beat Senegal 1-1 in the pre-quarterfinal stage.
Defeated by 3 goals and reached the quarter final stage.
Fifa World Cup thorny and sensational matches are going on in Qatar.

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