Election Commission starts preparing for next general elections

Canada Global (Web News) The Election Commission of Pakistan has started preparations for the upcoming general elections.
Sources say that the ECP has decided to introduce ballot papers with special features and watermark ballot papers will also be used. .
In the last elections, 220 million ballot papers were printed and this time around 240 million ballot papers are likely to be printed. More than 120 million voters are registered for the elections this time.
According to the Election Commission report, the total number of registered voters for the 2018 elections was around 118.2 million.

A woman casts her vote during Pakistan’s general election at a polling station

Earlier, Imran Khan had announced the dissolution of Jalsa Assemblies.
After this announcement, there was chaos in the federal government and the federal ministers and PML-N are consulting to prevent the dissolution of the assembly in Punjab, but the majority of PTI members say that we can get elections only after the dissolution of the assembly

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