CM Elahi successful in vote of confidence

Canada Global (Web News) Chief Minister Chaudhry Parvez Elahi received a vote of confidence from the Punjab Assembly after the opposition walked out, claiming that the vote was “bulldozed” and “unconstitutional” in a typically chaotic session held in the early hours of Thursday.

Speaker Sibtain Khan, who presided over the session, stated that Elahi had received 186 votes, which was exactly the number required to retain his position and one less than the 187 claimed by PTI leaders prior to voting.

Before the vote, the government and opposition lawmakers rekindled their feud around the speaker’s dais, jostling each other. Shortly after, the opposition MPs staged a walkout and boycotted the session.

Outside the Punjab Assembly, Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah called the proceedings “against the rules and the Constitution,” and accused the speaker of “bulldozing” the vote of confidence.

The vote of confidence will be challenged in court, according to Sanaullah and another PML-N leader, Ata Tarar.

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