Canadian Government Reaches New Health Care Deal With Ontario

Canada Global Tv  (Web News) The federal government says it has reached a new health care deal with Ontario.

Under the deal, the federal government will receive $8·4 billion in federal health transfers over the next 10 years, while the federal government will now give Ontario a lump sum of $774 million.
Ontario Health Minister Sylvia Jones released a statement saying, “Our government is investing at record levels in the publicly funded system and this additional support from the federal government in health care will be very helpful.” .
The statement also said that we look forward to working closely with our federal counterparts. He also said that we want to ensure that we continue to receive similar funding for health care for generations to come. Ontario has become the first province to sign a new deal with the Trudeau-led Liberals. Ottawa’s offer of additional funding was formally accepted by Canada’s prime minister earlier this month. The federal government offered to provide $46 billion in new funding through the Canada Health Transfer and invest $200 billion over the next ten years

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