Cabinet decides to take election funds issue to parliament

Canada Global (Web News) Under the leadership of Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif, the federal cabinet concluded a crucial and urgent meeting on Sunday and resolved to forward the issue of election funding to the parliament. It also discussed the approaching elections in Punjab as well as the nation’s ongoing political and constitutional crises.

The cabinet debated whether or not to ‘defy’ the Supreme Court’s ruling and grant money to the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) to hold polls in Punjab on May 14. The decision was made to maintain the power of the parliament. Also, it was determined to bring up the funding issue in parliament. The provincial capital hosted the conference via video hookup.

The National Security Committee meeting’s decisions were also endorsed by the cabinet.

Speaking at the event, PM Shehbaz claimed that the president’s position had evolved into that of a PTI activist. As it was reported “It is regrettable to return the legislation that the Parliament has authorised. The president was required to follow the law and the Constitution.”

According to sources, the Supreme Court’s ruling on polling and Judge Athar Minallah’s dissenting opinion were also discussed. It was explained how a four-three verdict could be seen as a three-two judgement.

They added that the cabinet debated the course of action for the future.

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