Biden lost his temper and shouted at Zelensky.

Report: During a testy phone chat with Zelensky, Biden "lost his temper and yelled"

Canada Global Tv: During a phone call with the president of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, in June, US President Joe Biden lost his cool and yelled at him.

The tense exchange apparently occurred on June 15 when Biden called Zelensky to inform him that he had obtained $1 billion in funds for the nation’s defence and humanitarian efforts.

Zelensky allegedly did not express enough gratitude and instead started outlining further needs for his nation. Then, according to the source, Biden shouted that the American people were already being very kind.

Soon after, the Ukrainian president made a video message in which he thanked the US for its assistance. Additionally, according to the story, administration officials denied accusations that Biden had yelled at Zelensky and insisted that instead, he had been “straight.”

The two is reported to have since repaired their connection and obtained tens of billions in extra cash for Ukraine, according to the story.

The study is released at a time when some Republicans and Democrats are opposing Joe Biden’s efforts to secure additional aid for the war-torn nation of Ukraine.

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