Bajwa helped PTI in Senate, elections: Alvi

Canada Global (Web News) At a dinner on Saturday, President Arif Alvi engaged in a wide-ranging discussion with journalists, prominent business figures, and foreign diplomats. He voiced his extreme worry and distress about the publication of audio recordings and videos of political leaders’ private talks.

He claimed to have made it a point to discuss the “game of audios and films” with the new army head. “I find it surprising why it continues. In any moral sense, it shouldn’t go on, he said.

The ‘neutrality’ of the armed forces was another topic President Alvi claimed to have discussed with the army leader. He related a humorous incident from his time in the Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) in the 1990s, when party candidates had to respond to the issue of whether they drank alcohol before submitting their nomination papers.

He recounted how one of the candidates admitted to drinking, while another claimed to have stopped drinking only two days prior. He added that this makes everyone laugh, “I mention this incident to all friends of mine who wear uniform, only to inform them if you’ve left politics – you’ve left it only the day before yesterday.”

The president stated that if the army had left politics, it was time for politicians to take over. “You [politician] should make it so that you don’t have to run to them [army],” he said.

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