Army sees May 9 violence as ‘black chapter’ in Pakistan’s history

Canada Global (Web News) In reference to rallies “targeting army property and installations” following PTI leader Imran Khan’s arrest in the Al-Qadir Trust corruption case, the Inter-Services Public Relations said on Wednesday that May 9 will be regarded as a “black chapter” in Pakistani history.

It issued a statement saying, “We will not permit anyone to take the law into their own hands.”

Imran Khan was detained in the Islamabad High Court, according to the military media wing, “In accordance with the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) statement and law.”

It bemoaned that “anti-army slogans were raised and attacks on army properties and installations were carried out immediately after this arrest.”

It said their hypocrisy could be seen in the way they emphasised the value of the Army after mobilising support for their own objectives. According to the statement, this gang “wearing a political cloak” has done to the nation what no one else in the previous 75 years has been able do.

The Army, “without caring for its integrity”, exercised restraint and showed forbearance, the statement said, adding that a deliberate attempt had been made to excite the army so that it could subsequently be utilised for political ends.

According to the ISPR, “We know that there have been directives and guidelines from some evocative elements of the party leadership behind this.” People involved in these acts have been recognised, and they will be dealt with legally. It promised that “they will be accountable for what lies ahead for them.”

Further assaults on law enforcement organisations, including the army, their infrastructure, and properties would be met with a serious response from the Army, it was declared. “The group, that wants to push the country into civil war, will be responsible for this,” it continued.

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