When And How Did The Watermelon Become A Symbol Of Solidarity With The Palestinians?

Canada Global (Web News) Watermelon, whether in one’s hand, in art or posted on an online platform, this fruit has become a symbol of solidarity for the Palestinian people.

The number of martyred Palestinians has exceeded 19 thousand 76 from the Israeli bombardment that began on October 7, while more than 50 thousand Palestinians have been injured, more than half of the martyred and injured are only children and There are women. There is a series of large-scale protests around the world against the Israeli atrocities in Gaza. According to the British media, during the protest rally in North London, the protesters arrived at the house of the Israeli ambassador, where they said ‘Free Palestine and the war in Gaza’. Stop it.
Demonstrations in favor of Palestine also took place in Sweden and hundreds of people holding Palestinian flags in the capital Stockholm called for a ceasefire. After the start of the war between Israel and Hamas, images of watermelons are once again being widely posted on social media and used as a symbol of solidarity with the Palestinian people.< a i=2>How did the watermelon become a symbol of Palestine? The use of watermelon as a symbol of solidarity with the Palestinians is nothing new. It first emerged in 1967 after the Six-Day War, when Israel occupied the West Bank and Gaza.

According to reports, the Israeli government at the time banned the public display of the Palestinian flag in Gaza and the West Bank, making it a It was declared a criminal offense. The Israeli government not only banned the flag, but banned the use of the colors used in the flag in any painting. Palestinian artist Suleiman Mansour. told The National in 2021 that Israeli authorities had shut down an exhibition at Gallery 79 in Ramallah. He said that not only the painting of the Palestinian flag is illegal, but the colors used in the flag are also illegal.

However, in order to avoid the ban, the Palestinian people started using the watermelon as a symbol of Palestinian representation instead of the flag, because when cut, the color of the fruit matches the colors of the Palestinian flag (red, black, white and green). Is. ) after this fruit was used as a symbol of solidarity with the Palestinian people. According to reports, Israel lifted the ban on the Palestinian flag in 1993. 

In 2021, the use of the watermelon as a symbol of Palestinian representation resumed after an Israeli court ruled that Palestinian families living in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood in East Jerusalem were evicted from their homes to accommodate settlers. will be given. In January of this year, Israel’s Minister of National Security ordered the police to confiscate the Palestinian flag, after which watermelons were once again used as an expression of solidarity with the Palestinian people.

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