What is the main reason for the rapid spread of diabetes?

Canada Global (Web News) Diabetes increases the risk of various complications, but to date no comprehensive research in this regard

Keeping this in mind, the researchers studied 15 to 39 years from 1990 to 2019 in 204 countries and regions.

Statistics and social status of new cases of type 2 diabetes, deaths and other complications in people aged

Various factors that increase the risk of this disease including

And tried to find out how to get rid of diseases like diabetes in people of South Asia

Favorite food that makes them prone to many diseases including obesity, diabetes.

According to research, increasing body weight is proving to be the most important factor increasing the risk of diabetes worldwide.

Researchers emphasize that controlling body weight at an early age can prevent type 2 diabetes.

Keeping in mind that diabetes increases the risk of various complications but no comprehensive research has been done till date.

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