What are the early 16 symptoms of malignant disease cancer?

Canada Global (Web News) Cancer is a deadly disease, but if it is diagnosed in time

If done, it becomes easier to control this disease, that’s why the report of the International Agency for Research on Cancer revealed that 18.1 million new cases of cancer were reported worldwide in 2018. While 9.6 million patients died. There is fear.

The reason for the increase in mortality is the growing, aging and unhealthy population in developing countries. However, if the disease is diagnosed at an early stage, treatment is easy and a fairly complete recovery is possible.

Early symptoms of cancer that are common in different types.

Skin changes
A new mark on the skin or a change in its size, texture or color can be a sign of skin cancer.

Cough all the time
A persistent cough can be a sign of cancer. This is often the result of asthma, stomach acid or infection.
If you experience bleeding, especially if you smoke, see a doctor immediately.

Breast changes
Breast cancer is very common in women, but often breast changes are not a sign of cancer, but it is still important to see a doctor and get checked.
If you have bloating or gas, it could be due to diet or stress, but if it doesn’t improve or you feel tired
If you experience weight loss or back pain, you should get it checked out. Especially women because it can be a sign of cancer

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Problems during urination
As most men age, they experience problems during urination.

Like frequent bathroom trips, going through clothes, or other problems
Usually a bladder disorder, but it can also be bladder cancer.

Swollen lymph nodes
These small seed-shaped glands are located in the neck, armpits and other parts of the body.
When they become inflamed, it is often caused by an infection such as a cold or sore throat, but also various types of cancer such as leukemia. And cancer of the lymphatic tissue also causes this swelling

Bleeding while using the toilet
If you see blood while passing stool in the bathroom, it is also a possibility of colon cancer.
It can also be an infection problem but it can also be a sign of kidney or bladder cancer.

Difficulty swallowing things
Difficulty swallowing can be caused by a cold, stomach acid or medication, but if the condition does not improve with time or medication. Difficulty swallowing can be a symptom of throat cancer
Mouth ulcers or sores
If the mouth sores heal, there is no problem and neither is the toothache, but when the sores do not heal or the pain persists, white or red marks develop on the gums or tongue or near the jaws. Swelling or numbness can be symptoms of oral cancer

Body weight loss
Of course, everyone wants to lose weight, preferably through diet or exercise, but when it happens without any effort or reason.
Especially if the weight loss is 10 pounds, this is not normal. It can be the first symptom of pancreatic, stomach or lung cancer.

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Frequent fevers or infections
If you are healthy but still have frequent fevers, this may be an early sign of blood cancer.

Constant fatigue
Everyone experiences a lack of physical energy from time to time, but if it happens daily for a month, there is difficulty breathing that has never happened before, it can be an alarm.

Too much itching
If you have itchy rashes all over your body, especially in places where they don’t usually occur, such as your hands or fingers, as this is usually a sign of blood cancer.

Lump in throat
A sudden lump in the throat above the breast can be a sign of lung, throat, thyroid and breast cancer.

Yellowing of the skin
Jaundice is a condition in which the skin and eyes turn yellow, but it is sometimes one of the symptoms of pancreatic cancer.

Difficulty speaking
Oral and brain cancers also affect the ability to speak, with people having trouble with basic brain functions such as speaking and moving the tongue. It’s reality


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