Violation Of Hijab, Woman Sentenced To 74 Lashes In Iran

Canada Global (Web News) In Iran, a 33-year-old woman was sentenced to 74 lashes for wearing inappropriate clothes and not wearing hijab properly.

According to Arab media, the court of Iran sentenced a woman named Roya Hashmati for violating moral boundaries in a public place. The court wrote in its decision that the woman in question followed the dress code in public places according to Sharia laws and Iranian culture. Not banned. On the other hand, the Norwegian Human Rights Organization says that the Kurdish woman Roya Himashti is an activist and was arrested for sharing a photo of herself on social media accounts in which she was not wearing a scarf. Norwegian NG According to O, the Iranian court also sentenced Roya Himashti to one year in prison, but this sentence was suspended, while he is also banned from leaving Iran for 3 years.

Since the Khomeini revolution in Iran in 1979, all women have been required to cover their necks and heads with a headscarf when leaving the house. Protests are still ongoing in the country after the death of a Kurdish girl in the custody of the Moral Police for not wearing a hijab. After the death of Mehsa Amini, violent protests broke out across Iran and continued in full force for almost a year. More than 5,000 civilians were killed during the protests. Women cut their hair and openly defied the hijab ban in protest, leading to hundreds of arrests in police crackdowns.

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