Very Soon We Will Use An Elevator To Reach The Moon, A Major Development

Canada Global(Web News) Humans will return to the surface of the moon after 5 decades through the American space agency NASA’s Artemis 3 and 4 missions. Therefore, an elevator will be used to land the spaceship lander there. The lift is part of SpaceX’s Starship Human Landing System. The Artemis 3 mission will land 2 people on the Moon and stay there for a week.

Astronauts will explore the South Pole of the Moon, where scientists believe there is water hidden in craters. NASA astronauts have successfully tested a prototype model of an elevator to help land on the Moon. A woman will also step on the surface of the Moon for the first time. The Artemis 3 mission will be launched in 2025, but before that, the Artemis 2 mission is likely to be launched next year. This mission will also include humans. But they will not set foot on the surface of the moon.

SpaceX has been hired by NASA to make the Artemis 3 mission a success. The Starship Artemis 3, developed by SpaceX, will carry the crew to the Moon, while the Artemis 4 mission will be launched by the Blue Origin spacecraft. SpaceX’s elevator will carry equipment and astronauts to the surface of the moon so that astronauts can walk on the moon. A prototype model of the elevator was tested at SpaceX’s headquarters in California. Worn and moved from one place to another through this lift system.

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