US will act if terrorists regroup in Afghanistan: State Department

The statement came in response to a question during a press briefing on Wednesday about the escalation of violence in Afghanistan and terrorist groups including Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan Al-Qaeda safe havens The Taliban’s failure to deliver was questioned.

Price said the Afghan Taliban had either failed or were unwilling to follow through on promises they had made in a number of areas, and the broader U.S. goal was to ensure that terrorists and others were unable to do so. I am

He also mentioned the death of al-Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri in a US strike in August to demonstrate the US’s ability to act against terrorists.

Nedprice said the US is committed to working with its partners in the region, including Pakistan.

In response to a question about security cooperation between the two countries, the spokesperson recalled the grant assistance provided through the International Military Education and Training Program which provides professional military education.


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