Ukrainian forces are ready for a bloody battle

Canada Global Tv (Web News) Ukrainian infantry unit commanders in Kherson are confident that their Russian adversaries will be forced to abandon the strategic port due to winter weather and the threat of encirclement.

But neither he nor his men think the Russians will go quietly, nor do they intend to let them.

Krill Stremusov, deputy head of the Russian-installed administration in the Kherson region, said he hoped Russian forces would put up a fight.

“If we leave Kherson, it will be a huge blow,” he added, in comments broadcast by Russia’s RT television.

It would be another blow for Russian President Vladimir Putin after suffering significant losses on the battlefield since mid-August.

Ukrainian forces are ready for a bloody battle

With control of the western bank of the Dnipro, military experts said Ukrainian forces would have a springboard from which to seize a bridgehead on the eastern side for an advance on Crimea.

Crimea is home to Russia’s Black Sea Fleet, and Kyiv has made the recovery of the peninsula its sworn goal.

Experts added that if Kherson were to fall in a counterattack, it would also be a political humiliation for Putin, as Kherson is one of the four partially occupied Ukrainian territories that he has claimed with great fanfare declared to be a part of Russia foreve.

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