Trump says he will make a “very big announcement” on November 15th.

Canada Global (Web News) The former president is anticipated to enter the 2024 presidential election, as Donald Trump promised to make a “very major statement” the following week.

Trump, who has never accepted that his 2020 re-election attempt was unsuccessful, has been teasing for months that he is prepared to return to the fray.
“Not to take away from tomorrow’s crucial, really important election… On Tuesday, November 15 in Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach, Florida, I’ll be making a very significant statement “On the eve of US elections that will decide which party controls Congress, he told a jubilant crowd in Ohio.

The Republican came the closest to announcing on the campaign trail last week that he would be running for president this year.

Early voting has resulted in the casting of more than 40 million ballots, thus the result was already known when Tuesday’s nationwide polls opened.

While Biden made an effort to remain cheerful during his final speech in Baltimore, he acknowledged earlier Monday during a call with party friends that his hopes of preserving Congress—which the Democrats currently control by a razor-thin margin—amounted to a “very high expectation.”

He claimed that Republicans who support Trump are “some of the darkest forces we’ve ever seen in our history.”

In his speech, Vice President Biden outlined what he called “a decision between two very different views of America.” He said that his government had successfully led the largest economy in the world out of the COVID pandemic, with unemployment at 3.75% and manufacturing sectors on the increase.

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