Trudeau will hold a virtual news conference today about struggling children’s hospitals

Canada Global (web news) Canada’s premiers will hold a news conference in Winnipeg. Children’s hospitals are struggling due to the increasing number of sick children.

Hospitals across the country are having to cancel some surgeries and even essential appointments as the number of children admitted to the hospital has increased and hospitals are having to re-instruct their staff. Many posts are lying vacant in hospitals and in such a situation cases of respiratory disease RSV, influenza and covid-19 are also being found more in children.

Due to staff shortages in Ottawa, two teams of Canadian Red Cross workers are relieving staff by alternating overnight shifts at the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario. Not only here, the situation is so bad that many patients are being referred to adult health care facilities for treatment.

A Calgary pediatric clinic has been temporarily closed as staff have to be transferred to a children’s hospital. Looking at the poor condition of health care across the country, there is a demand to improve it.

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