To Avoid Harm, Google Has Created A Constitution For Robots

Canada Global (Web News) The big technology company Google made a constitution for robots to limit the damage caused by robots.

Google hopes its DeepMind Robotics division will one day be able to build a helper robot that can follow commands like cleaning the house or cooking a meal, meaning a robot might not know it. That the house should not be cleaned in such a way as to harm the owner of the house.
Google has unveiled a set of new systems that the company believes will make it easier to build robots that are capable of helping and assisting without causing harm. These systems aim to help robots make faster decisions and better understand and navigate their surroundings. The development includes a new system called AutoRT that uses artificial intelligence to understand human intentions. . The system does this using the Large Language Model (LLM).

The system takes data from cameras mounted on the robot and feeds it into a visual language model (VLM), which can understand the environment and the objects in it and describe it in words. This data is then sent to the LLM which interprets these words, lists the possible tasks and then decides which tasks should be performed.

However, Google also made it clear that in order to make these robots a part of their daily lives, people need to ensure that these robots will behave in a safe manner. Therefore, Google has included robot constitutions in Decision Making LLM at AutoRT. According to Google, these sets are safety-based reminders that robots follow when choosing tasks.

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