The phone numbers of 50 crore WhatsApp users have been put up for sale


UrduworldCanada (Web News) The data based on a quarter of the WhatsApp users’ phone numbers has reportedly been put up for sale by hackers.
A database based on the phone numbers of 48.7 million WhatsApp users from 84 countries has been put up for sale in a hacking community forum, a report said.
It should be noted that the number of WhatsApp users is more than 2 billion.
The alleged database contains the phone numbers of 32 million US consumers, the report said.

Similarly, the data of 4.5 million users in Egypt, 3.5 million in Italy, 2.9 million in Saudi Arabia, 2.2 million in France and Turkey, 1 million in Russia and 1.1 million in the UK have been leaked.
The report did not say where the phone numbers of millions of WhatsApp users were leaked.
The report cited sources as saying that the hackers likely used a technique called scraping, which collects data from websites.
That is, the data was not leaked directly from WhatsApp, but the hackers collected around 50 crore phone numbers from web pages to verify that they were being used on WhatsApp and then put the database up for sale. .
Such databases may be used for spam and other similar online activities.


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