The Israeli Defense Minister Set Fire To Prime Minister Netanyahu’s Office

 Canada Global (Web News) The differences in the Israeli cabinet on the issue of the release of Hamas prisoners got worse and the Minister of Defense stormed Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s office and set it on fire.

According to an Israeli website, Israeli Defense Minister Yuva Galant stormed the Prime Minister’s office and set it on fire, after which the situation became very tense. The report said that the Israeli army is also divided on the strategy of the Gaza war and Three commanders told an American newspaper in an interview that they could not succeed in defeating Hamas and freeing the hostages at the same time. The Israeli commanders said that the only way for the immediate return of the detainees is diplomacy. On the other hand, in Tel Aviv, thousands of people gathered against the government and called Prime Minister Netanyahu a devil for failing to release the arrested people and demanded new elections to change the government.

The families of the Israeli soldiers who died in the Gaza war said that Netanyahu’s government ignored us on October 7 and is still ignoring us. It should be clear that on October 7, 2023, Hamas attacked various places in Israel. arrested hundreds of Israelis, in response to which Israel began its worst operations. During the war, Qatar and Egypt mediated the release of dozens of prisoners, and in response, Israel released Palestinian prisoners, but Delivery of basic goods, including food, to Gaza was not allowed. The exchange agreement may no longer continue.

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