The dollar is expensive, the rupee continues to fall


Canada Global (Web News) The Pakistani currency continued its slide for the fifth consecutive working day as it fell 0.37 percent (or Rs 0.82) to close at Rs 219.71 against the US dollar in the interbank market yesterday.

According to the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP), the local currency closed at Rs 218.89 against the greenback on Monday.

With the latest decline, the currency has lost a total of 0.88 percent (or Rs 1.92) to Rs 219.71 in the last five working days.

The reactivation of illegal remittance operators along the borders with some neighboring countries and a decline in export earnings have led to a sustained depreciation of the rupee in the interbank market. According to reports, the US dollar is being sold at Rs 236 in the black market of the border areas, while it is Rs 217.79 in the interbank market and Rs 226 in the open market of Karachi.

The wide gap between the value of the dollar in the black market and the interbank market is diverting a portion of foreign currencies from legal markets to illegal markets.


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