Politicians end the political division and give the people Korelev, the President of the State


Canada Global (Web News)President Dr. Arif Alvi has assured that the armed forces are committed to discharge their responsibilities as per the constitution
He urged all the politicians to solve the problems facing the nation through the democratic method of dialogue, consultation and deliberation.

The President of the State expressed these views while addressing the ceremony in Islamabad.

The president said that in the past Super Powers adopted the Doctrine of Mutually Assured Destruction which diverted the world’s resources to developing ever more lethal weapons systems.

Dr. Alvi added that if a part of these resources were diverted towards poverty and hunger, it could also be eradicated and the effects of climate change could also be reduced.

He further said that democracy, military defense, security of information and communication and economic freedom are essential elements for comprehensive defense of the country.

He said that the Constitution of Pakistan has protected the rights of all citizens irrespective of their social status, wealth or influence.
He said that quick and cheap justice should be provided without any discrimination, which would help the country to move forward on a speedy basis.

The President said that information is another important element of national security as the use of wrong information can destroy the country and mislead the innocent population.
He said that misinformation regarding weapons of mass destruction led to a major conflict in the Middle East that resulted in the loss of many precious lives and destruction of property and assets.
He said that the politicians should come together and end the political division and give relief to the people


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