Pakistan’s foreign reserves increased to $9.754 billion

Canada Global (Web News) During the week ending March 3, 2023, Pakistan’s total liquid foreign reserves increased to US$ 9,754 million after the central bank received US$ 500 million from China.

According to a statement released by the State Bank of Pakistan on Thursday, the central bank’s reserves climbed by US$ 487 million to US$ 4,301.0 million, while commercial banks’ net foreign reserves were at US$ 5,453 million.

The entire liquid foreign reserves held by the nation as of March 3rd, 2023, were $9,754.0 million after China granted the GoP a commercial loan for US$ 500 million, it added.

The nation has $9,267.9 million in total liquid foreign reserves as of the previous week, which concluded on February 24. Of them, the SBP held foreign reserves worth US$ 3,814.1 million, while commercial banks held net foreign reserves worth US$ 5,453.8 million.

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