No One Can Take Away The Land Of Gaza From Palestine, America

Canada (Web News) America, while condemning the statement of the Israeli ministers to the Palestinians to leave Gaza, has said that Gaza is and will remain the land of the Palestinians.

US State Department spokesman Matthew Miller said that the statement of the Israeli ministers is provocative and irresponsible, Hamas has no future and no terrorist group is a threat to Israel. On the other hand, the Israeli army in its attacks in Gaza. Bombardment of residential areas, refugee camps and hospitals resulted in the martyrdom of more than 200 Palestinians in 24 hours.

The Israeli army also claimed to capture the intelligence headquarters of Hamas in Gaza City. The Zionist forces have begun to withdraw thousands of soldiers from Gaza to prolong the ongoing fighting in Gaza. Meanwhile, in the occupied West Bank. There has been no reduction in Israeli atrocities. The Israeli army killed 5 more Palestinians in the West Bank. The Israeli army also attacked Hezbollah bases in Lebanon and military installations in Syria. On the other hand, Palestinian resistance groups destroyed more than 70 Israeli tanks and military vehicles in four days. While many Israeli soldiers were also killed as a result of the resistance.

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