New Type Of Corona, 4 Cases Reported In Pakistan

Canada Global(Web News) 4 cases of the new type of corona JN1K spread in different countries of the world have also come out in Pakistan. The spokesman of the Ministry of Health says that the four people had mild symptoms but they are healthy without any complications. They have been identified.

The Caretaker Health Minister said that the situation is being closely monitored, there is an effective screening system at international airports and all entry and exit routes. According to the Caretaker Health Minister, to avoid the spread of diseases like corona or flu in winter Therefore, take mask, distance and other precautions.

On the other hand, covid testing of passengers coming from abroad has been started at many airports including Islamabad, 2% of the passengers coming from abroad will have to be tested for covid. Cases have been reported in America, Britain and India, and deaths have also occurred in India due to the new variant, while the number of people affected by the new variant of the corona virus has increased in the United States of America.

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