Netanyahu orders Israeli army to resume attacks on Gaza with full force

Canada Global(Web News)Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu ordered the Zionist army to resume attacks on Gaza with all intensity.

In his speech, Netanyahu said that Hamas is starting the war again because of the violation of the ceasefire agreement. The fight will continue until the release of all hostages and the end of Hamas.

Netanyahu added that we had several rounds of negotiations to reach a deal, but now the Mossad negotiators have been recalled from Qatar.

Earlier, Hamas announced that there would be no more prisoner exchanges with Israel until the end of the war in Gaza.

Saleh al-Aruri, the deputy head of Hamas, told Al Jazeera that they no longer have women and children among the Israeli hostages, but only soldiers or civilians working in the army.

He said that we are ready to exchange the bodies of the dead Israelis in exchange for our martyrs, but we will need time to remove these bodies.

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