NDP announces plans to invest in Alberta

Canada Global (Web News) Opposition Leader Rachel Notley announced the NDP’s Competitiveness, Jobs and Investment Strategy for Alberta in Calgary, which prioritized Premier Daniel Smith’s Alberta Sovereignty Act.

She said that first we will repeal Daniel Smith and UCP’s job-killing Autonomy Act.
This process is only creating instability and uncertainty in our economy at a critical time.

“We can’t afford it,” Notely said.

These tax incentives include restoring the Alberta Investor Tax Credit and the Interactive Digital Media Tax.
Notley said her government will also create a “future tax credit aimed at attracting large capital projects in Alberta’s emerging industrial sectors.”

Alberta’s future tax credit is estimated to cost $250 million annually, which will benefit an estimated $10 billion in additional investment in emerging sectors and create an estimated 20,000 jobs, the Opposition Leader said.

This program will help us get good projects that create jobs and get them off the ground faster, while also providing new incentives to keep workers safe. Pay millions in taxes owed to municipalities

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