Most Canadians set their clocks back one hour.

This weekend, most Canadians set their clocks back one hour.

Canada Global Tv: As the clocks go back with the end of daylight saving time this weekend, the majority of Canadians will be able to sleep an hour longer.

Seasonal time changes have been debated across the nation, with some provinces and territories opting to keep daylight saving time all year while others are awaiting corresponding action in the United States.

In contrast to Saskatchewan, which hasn’t changed its clocks in more than a century, Yukon chose to stop making seasonal changes in 2020 and currently observes its own standard time zone.

Despite receiving unanimous approval in 2020, a private member’s bill in Ontario to put the province on permanent daylight time—providing Quebec and New York followed suit—stalled after the legislator was ousted from office.

Francois Legault, the premier of Quebec at the time, said the issue wasn’t a top priority but that he wasn’t opposed.

British Columbia approved similar legislation the year before to maintain daylight saving time, although some southern states have yet to follow suit.

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