Maryam asks PML-N leaders to expose Imran’s facilitators

Canada Global (Web News) Senior vice president of the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N), Maryam Nawaz, encouraged her party’s officials on Monday to name and shame Imran Khan’s supporters in the judiciary.

It was resolved to release the “unfair decisions and testimonies against PML-N supremo Nawaz Sharif” in the meeting of party spokespersons that Ms. Nawaz presided over.

Ms. Nawaz blasted Mr. Khan with the following statement: “Imran Khan has now become the history of the country. This is the moment to consider what would be best for the nation. People should be made aware of how the nation has endured hardship during the last four years due to crises. Imran Khan aims to draw the public’s focus away from his corruption cases.

She berated Mr. Khan for his presidency, claiming that “despite Imran’s vows to abolish corruption in 90 days, the country’s corruption had climbed to 14% during his presidency.”

Elections, according to Ms. Nawaz, should be held every five years in order to address Pakistan’s challenges. She made this statement on Sunday.

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