Many Countries, Including Britain, Have Condemned Israel’s Decision To Conduct Ground Operations In Rafah

Canada Global(Web News) After North Gaza and Khan Yunis, Israel has decided to take ground action in Rafah city as well.

Great Britain, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar and Lebanon strongly condemned the Israeli decision, calling it a move to further destroy the devastated Palestinians. After the Israeli decision, Hamas also warned that Israel’s land in Rafah The action will end negotiations for the release of the hostages.

The United Nations aid organization UNICEF has demanded to stop the Israeli plan of ground operation in Rafah, saying that the Palestinians who have taken refuge in Rafah have been displaced many times before, they have nowhere to go beyond Rafah. Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu says that he will eliminate the remaining terrorists of Hamas in Rafah, those who are saying not to operate in Rafah are telling us to lose the war.

Meanwhile, brutal attacks by the Israeli army continue in Gaza. The number of Palestinians martyred in Gaza in the ongoing attacks since October 7 has exceeded 28,337, while the number of Palestinians injured in Israeli attacks is more than 67,000. On the other hand, al-Qassam Brigade says that the last four days In Israeli attacks, 2 Israeli hostages were killed and several injured 

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