‘Katil Hussain Ke Naam’ won another global award

Canada Global (Web News) The Pakistani web series ‘The Names of the Murderers of Hussain’ has received international acclaim.

The web series won the ‘Best Anthology Award’ at the Asian Academy Creative Awards held in Singapore.

Sarwat Gilani announced the win in a post on Instagram and wrote that we are bringing this award to Pakistan.
In the web series, seven killer actresses have shown the essence of their wonderful acting
Among them are Sarwat Gilani, Meher Bano, Sanam Saeed, Iman Sulaiman, Faiza Gilani, Samia Mumtaz and wife Rana Zafar.

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The web series named Khatil Hussain has previously won the award for Best Thriller Show on Web at the Economic Times Spot Awards.
The cast of the web series Killer Hussain also included actors Shehryar Manoor, Ahsan Khan, Usman Mukhtar and Saleem Meraj.

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