Israel’s Attack On Damascus Airport, 11 Officers Of The Iranian Revolutionary Guards Were Killed

Canada Global(Web News) Arab media has claimed that 11 members of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps were killed in an Israeli attack on Damascus Airport in Syria.

The Arab News Agency has claimed in its report that Israel carried out an aerial attack on the international airport of Damascus on December 28, in which 11 members of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps were killed. According to the Arab media, the Israeli attack The members who were targeted were responsible for the maintenance of Iranian forces in eastern Syria and were at the airport to receive the senior delegation at the time of the attack.

On the other hand, the Iranian Revolutionary Guard has dismissed the Arab media’s claim as baseless. Earlier, the Syrian official media and the Ministry of Defense reported an Israeli attack near Damascus in eastern Syria. No statement was issued regarding the attack on the airport, but Israel said in a statement that it wants to prolong the presence of President Bashar al-Assad in the country, its arch-enemy, Iran.

In this regard, the human rights organization working in Syria says that Israel is targeting the Syrian air defense in its attacks, which are located in the southern province of the country. Commander Brigadier General Syed Raza Mousavi was confirmed dead in an Israeli attack this week.

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