Israeli Army Attack On House In Khan Yunis, 18 Palestinians Martyred

  Canada Global(Web News) Israel’s aggression continues on Gaza, where 18 Palestinians were martyred in a fresh attack on a house. According to Arab media, between Friday and Saturday, the Israeli army attacked a house in Khan Yunis, southern Gaza. As a result of which 18 Palestinians were martyred.

According to media reports, the Israeli army has also conducted raids in occupied West Bank and occupied Beit al-Maqdis areas. According to reports, in another attack by the Israeli army in southern Gaza, the wife and 2 children of a Palestinian citizen were martyred. Arrested.
According to the Arab media, since October 7, the Israeli army has carried out several operations in the occupied West Bank, in which 3800 Palestinians have been injured and 325 have been martyred. 600 Palestinians have been martyred, including 9,600 children.

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