Israeli Aggression On Gaza Continues, 142 More Palestinians Martyred

Canada Global (Web News) Another 142 Palestinians were martyred and 278 were injured due to the Israeli bombardment on the Gaza Strip. Since October 7, the number of Palestinians martyred by Zionist brutality in the Gaza Strip has exceeded 24,762.

Israel’s persecution in Gaza continues and even on the eighth day, the communication system could not be fully restored. Internet blackouts have hampered human rights organizations while targeting communications systems has threatened the lives of injured civilians in Gaza.

As a result of the Israeli army’s attack and shooting in Khan Yunis, Gaza, 77 people were martyred and dozens were injured, while heavy shooting was also carried out near Al-Amal Hospital. According to the Palestinian authorities, the Israeli army massacred 12 families in Gaza. On the other hand, al-Qassam Brigades has said that Hamas fighters attacked Israeli military vehicles in Zaytoun, many Israeli soldiers were injured and military vehicles were destroyed, Israeli military convoys were targeted with rockets.
On the other hand, the existing hospitals in Gaza are insufficient for 20 million Palestinians. Dr. Zod Out Borders has explained the current situation in Gaza and said that Palestinians injured in Israeli attacks are constantly dying. I cannot continue working.
The Palestinian Ministry of Health said that two million civilians have been forced to take refuge in camps due to the attacks on Gaza, while Israel has used 65,000 tons of explosives on Gaza since October 7. On the other hand, the United Nations said. Over the past fifteen years, three times more Palestinians have been killed in the Gaza conflict, more than half of whom are women and children.

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