Israel-Palestine War, Un Security Council Meeting Will Be Held Today

Canada Global (Web News) Another meeting of the United Nations Security Council on the Israel-Palestine conflict will be held today. The Israeli media quoted a diplomat as saying that it is not clear whether the proceedings of the meeting will be shown on the media or not.

It should be noted that a day after the attacks on Israel by Hamas, the 15-member United Nations Security Council held a closed-door meeting on Sunday, in which serious differences emerged among the members, after which the emergency closed-door meeting ended without results. In the meeting, neither a formal resolution could be presented nor a joint declaration or statement could be issued.

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The meeting of the United Nations Security Council on the Israeli-Palestinian tension ended, no result could be reached

According to the news agency, during the meeting, the United States urged the member states to condemn Hamas’s attack on Israel, but despite American and Israeli demands and pressure, many members did not condemn Hamas’s attacks. Hamas’s attacks on Israel. The United States regretted the lack of consensus in the Security Council meeting on the issue, while Russia did not agree with the other member countries of the Security Council. In the meeting, the Russian ambassador emphasized an immediate ceasefire and meaningful negotiations. That the Security Council implement the agreement reached decades ago regarding Palestine. During the meeting, the Chinese ambassador said that it is unusual that the Security Council has not said anything, otherwise it condemns all attacks against civilians.

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