How To Recognize 5000 Note Is Real Or Fake? State Bank Released The Video

  Canada Global(Web News) State Bank of Pakistan has released a video to identify the original currency note of 5 thousand rupees.

In the video released by the State Bank, the signs in the Rs 5,000 note have been mentioned through which citizens can distinguish between genuine and fake notes.

It should be noted that yesterday in the meeting of Senate Standing Committee on Finance, the issue of fake currency note of 5 thousand rupees was brought up.
In the meeting, committee member Kamil Ali Agha presented fake currency notes of 5 thousand rupees. Senator Kamal Ali Agha showed the fake note to the Deputy Governor State Bank but he could not recognize it and said that the quality of the fake note is good.
Salim Mandviwala demanded action from the State Bank to prevent fake notes and said that the issue of fake notes has been going on for many years and the central bank has no solution, fake notes are coming from the banks. Deputy Governor State Bank Dr. Inayat Hussain said that fake currency is not Pakistan’s problem but the whole world’s problem, dollar fake currency is also being hidden, there is no such system to prevent fake currency from being hidden. Assuring to control the issue of currency notes, the regulations will be further improved, the committee will be briefed soon.

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